Tuesday, December 21st 2010

December 22, 2010

So yesterday was my last class with LI News Tonight.  It has truly been an interesting semester.  I can say I came away from the class with a new way of looking at things and for me that is truly what matters in the end.

Pete and I first went to Elmont and he shot b-roll for the Fatal Fire story.  Then we headed back towards school and we stopped at TJ Maxx to ask people how they felt about it being the 1st day of winter. Afterwards, we headed to school where I asked students the same question.

Here is my last story on the sludge dumping in Long Beach Reynolds Channel:


Natalee Shale


My Story(shaun)…

December 18, 2010

I don’t know if anyone has been following my story (although this is just my second story).  My first shoot was with Pete and Chi Chen it was an MOS (man on street).  It was rough at first myself being a comedian and all, because you don’t chase people to get a  story.  The guys are my camera men and as I could see Chen was out for one of his first times as well.  I missed the first class or two so I was raw remembering something Carol told me just ask the question don’t go up making small talk.  Sometimes people just don’t want to be on camera but then there are the ones that do.  Overall we got it done the subject was do you think the recession is over?

Beginning Reporting

December 17, 2010

Well Peace to all bloggers readers of blogs and so on. This is going to be my first of many post now that I know how to do it on wordPress. This is my first experience with a real Newsroom
Setting and I find it interesting. For my first story I tagged along with another reporter Natalee as she did a story on the Livebrary system(for more info check LInews youtubes). It was a good experience but all along I couldn’t wait to try my hand ay my new profession. Once done we traveled back to the studio where i had a chance to go out and do a MOS (man on the street). Stay tuned for more of my post Shaun Hall LI News Tonight….

December 15, 2010

December 16, 2010

Today my story was one I suggested. It was a coat drive at Citi Field being sponsored by the New York Mets in support of New York Cares. Their a volunteer organization that are collecting coats this holiday season for donations. It was a great crowd and many people came to donate coats. All donations resulted in a voucher for free Mets tickets for a game in April of the upcoming season. For me it meant more than the coat drive because the Mets are my favorite team and my lifelong goal is to one day become their TV or Radio announcer. Mets players were in anntendance and it was an honor to get to interview Jason Bay and Manager Terry Collins. I was happy with the way my story came out we had a lot of good footage, some minor things couldve been better as I discussed when I returned but overall I was happy with my idea and was glad I got to go out there. I even made a coat donation and got my own voucher.

If this turns out to be my only sports related package, it was a blast and enjoyed the day out at Citi Field. Even if not with the Mets, I hope to one day become a sports broadcaster.

-John Santamaria

Tuesday, December 14th 2010

December 15, 2010

I finally finished my Sludge Dumping news package!

It only took me a month but I’m happy that I had more of a hand in editing it. Of course Gary helped me a lot and answered my questions  but I did make some progress on the linear editing front so I’m happy.  And I’m happy with how the package ended up.  I wasn’t as happy with my gang symposium news package or rather I wasn’t proud of it but I can say I’m proud of this one.

I also went out during the 1st part of the day with Jingchen and Yu and we interviewed students about the snow and whether they liked it or hated it and how their commute was to school.

Natalee Shale

Thursday, December 9th

December 14, 2010

Last Thursday, Laura and I went down to Hicks Nurseries in Westbury, where they have two live reindeer on display.  Part of me feels bad for them because they are not out in the wild like most of them are, but they are bred to be domestic.  The two that are at Hicks are actually mother and daughter, which was cute because they didn’t leave eachothers sides.  We had a problem with our batteries when we arrived at the nursery.  After a few b-roll shots and 2 interviews, both of our “fully charged” batteries died.  It was strange because they were fully charged before we left on our story.  Luckily we were close and the reindeer weren’t going anywhere, so we went back to the station and got new ones.  We were able to finish our story without any problems.  I had to go on the search for employees to interview but I found Rose who actually feeds the reindeer and she let Laura and I in the pen to get better b-roll shots.  Overall, I enjoyed this story very much…and I finished editing it all in one day!  I hope it puts everyone in the Christmas spirit!!

Nicole S

Thursday, December 2nd

December 14, 2010

Thursday, December 2nd Katie and I went to St.Joseph Hospital in Bethpage.  It was nice because it wasn’t too far away and for once I knew where I was going! The hospital was having a media preview for their big Christmas spectacular.  It was very cute…there were a few children who sat on Santas lap and received gifts from both him and Mrs. Claus.  Mrs. Claus actually has a book that has the childrens names in it..so when they do come up they know about them and what they want for Christmas. I found it amazing that Mrs. Claus who’s real name is Mary Jane, sewed most of the costumes herself, and they looked great.  She even brought out the Grinch for us, which nobody else got to see.  I’m still working on my stand-ups..I don’t think they’re good enough for TV quite yet, but I’m getting there.  Overall, it was a fun story…and I find that I enjoy the fluffy stories since they fit my personality. 

-Nicole S