Thursday, December 9th

Last Thursday, Laura and I went down to Hicks Nurseries in Westbury, where they have two live reindeer on display.  Part of me feels bad for them because they are not out in the wild like most of them are, but they are bred to be domestic.  The two that are at Hicks are actually mother and daughter, which was cute because they didn’t leave eachothers sides.  We had a problem with our batteries when we arrived at the nursery.  After a few b-roll shots and 2 interviews, both of our “fully charged” batteries died.  It was strange because they were fully charged before we left on our story.  Luckily we were close and the reindeer weren’t going anywhere, so we went back to the station and got new ones.  We were able to finish our story without any problems.  I had to go on the search for employees to interview but I found Rose who actually feeds the reindeer and she let Laura and I in the pen to get better b-roll shots.  Overall, I enjoyed this story very much…and I finished editing it all in one day!  I hope it puts everyone in the Christmas spirit!!

Nicole S


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