January 29, 2010


 This is the actual first day for me to be in LI News. I have been here once last semester, but today, I am a real participator of it. As there were no many people here today, we three new persons just go out with Gary. It was fun, we actually did two stories. One is to interview people on the campus to ask them about what they expected Obama to say late in the evening, and the other was to shot an opening of a new health center. Ha, I am not sure it’s a coincidence or not, when I was here the only day last semester, I also went to a health center to cover the story that they gave those senior citizens a free flu vaccine.

After shooting both the stories, we came back and began to work on them, like editing them. Then we gave a try to shot outside for the weather shoot that they would use in the later TV show.

It’s a long day actually, but I did learn a lot, like some basic knowledge about shooting and editing. The most important thing is that I like it. What’s more, there is a thing that touched me most, although we three are totally new, they sent us out to do some real story just in the first day, and one of us who focused on reporting even did the review just on her first day. It’s amazing. Although I was a little nervous today, I think it’s a great experience to do something real. I think in other places there would be no such practical experience. I do like it.


It was snowy this morning. I was overslept a little bit, but thank goodness, I still caught the 8:00am bus from the dorm on time. Another fresh girl and I were sent out to do an interview on the snow, like what everybody felt about the sudden snow. As both of us do not have a car, we took the campus shuttle to go around the campus. As both of us were new, I even could not found the open button in the first beginning. Then everything seemed worked out, but I did make a mistake. When we came back, the pictures all were orange, um… I just did not check the white balance well. So we had to go outside again. This time, we did a better job. At least, the pictures were not that bad. In the afternoon, another girl was working on writing the vosot, I was practicing shooting. Later, we helped to record the show, or more exactly, doing few things and to learn.

It’s a tough day, as we almost ruined our story. But we did it eventually. And I also learnt a lot, for instance, I am getting used to be a shooter. What’s more, I met one of my former suitemates today, she always helps me a lot. And I also met another girl who I had met last semester, she’s nice.

So, keep working ~~o(≧v≦)o~~

PS: I watched Obama’s speech yesterday night. It’s interesting that what Obama said is what a man we interviewed yesterday morning who said Obama would never say. I think it would be fun to do a story just comparing what Obama said and what that man said, to combine the interview of the man and Obama’s speech together by editing. That would be funny~