Pete Raab – Halloween Singing

October 31, 2009

On Wednesday we went down to The Rainbow Center in Lindenhurst, to listen in as a group of first and second graders sang to senior citizens to kick of the Halloween festivities. They took a variety of Halloween classics and added their own unique lyrical twists while dressed in a variety of costumes.

They also sang a number of songs not related to the holiday such as the Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell classic Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. The crowd favorite was a patriotic number, I’m Proud to be an American, as the children inspired the seniors to join in and sing along. It was a fun story to shoot and the kids did a great job.

Happy Halloween ya’ll.


Pete Raab – Man on Mars & Imapaired Driving

October 26, 2009

We traveled down to Merrick to see Long Island Students get a lesson in the effects of driving while impaired. They were equipt with impairment goggles as they drove peddle quads around various obstical courses while trying to perform tasks such as answering text messages and dealing with passengers. Local figherfighters also demonstrated how a tool known as the “Jaws of Life” is used to free a trapped person in a vehicle that was in an accident.

We also traveled around Old Westbury to see what people thought about trying to land humans on Mars. There was a balanced opinion as some people thought it was a great idea for America to further explore the universe and expand our knowledge, and others believed that the issues facing us on earth where much more important. The topic was brought up after News Day reported that Buzz Aldrin believed it would be a great achievement for President Obama to land a man on Mars.

You can catch complete coverage of these stories and others by tuning into LI News Tonight on channel 18 at 7pm or Fios1 at 10:45pm.

Is Real Estate in a good state?

October 16, 2009

I interviewed Joe Moshe, realtor/owner of Charles Rutenburg Reality. He answered the rumour about real estate. Whether sales were up or down. He mentioned that real estate as a whole is a roller coaster but sales of houses have increased due to foreclosures and short sales. The story will eventually air on LI News Tonight soon, but in the mean time, tune into channel 18 @ 7pm on Cablevision and on channel 1 @ 10:45 on FIOS to check out other interesting local stories.

Nicole Purcell

Pete Raab – Food Bank

October 14, 2009

Long Island Cares is one of Long Island’s premiere food banks located in Hauppauge, supplying other organizations, such as soup kitchens and shelters, with much needed food items. We visited them today, during National Food Bank week, to get an idea as to what the company is all about.

Walking into their gigantic warehouse, you get an immediate understanding as to their dedication and purpose… feeding Long Island. The company has tremendous buying power, being able to buy 10 dollars worth of food when most people would spend 40 dollars in a supermarket. They also obtain their supplies through various corporate organizations, government funding, and the general public.

They’ve also expanded their services by now offering on-site services for those in need of immediate attention, as well as for those even struggling to feed their pets. These services, as well as many others, rely heavily on the dedication of the staff and numerous volunteers who all expressed a deep feeling of satisfaction in knowing that they’re helping to make a difference.

To see the complete story, and many others, tune in to LI News Tonight. Cablevision channel 18 at 7:00pm, or for Verizon customers Fios 1 at 10:45pm.

Greg Velazquez News Story

October 14, 2009

Today I finished editing my story about a new senior transport system for members of the westbury community. The new program will give seniors more freedom to leave their home and go shopping for things they need. Many seniors seemed excited about the new program and are looking foward to having the freedom to go shopping.

Blindness Awareness

October 14, 2009

Yesterday I went to Helen Keller Services for the Blind in Hempstead, where I spoke to 20-year-old Christopher Kchao, who has been blind since birth. I was so impressed with Chris’ positive outlook on life and his determination to be successful. October is International Blindness Awareness Month and Chris is happy the public is becoming more aware of the blind community.

Dana Arschin

Trapeze School

October 7, 2009

Last week I did a feature story on a Flying Trapeze School in Rockville Centre, called I.FLY. We shot really exciting video of kids soaring through the air and doing all types of acrobatic stunts.

People come to I.FLY from all over Long Island to learn how to “fly.” 

Check out my story on YouTube and learn how you can get involved with a unique and thrilling activity.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do a follow-up story on I.FLY next year!