This Semester —-Lindsey

This semester, it’s crowded in LI News. Many people come in everyday. It’s good, as it means LI News is popular and everyone likes it:), but at meantime, sometimes I just have nothing to do there. So I decided to find another meaningful thing to do. Now I am in two news stations working, a Chinese station in the city and here. It’s a great experience to work in both stations, although it’s hard and tired for me to do it. I like to experience different things, to feel different culture and life. My dream is to be a news anchor back in China, right now, the life I am having is just to prepare for it. Because the broader view you have, the better you can be.

As I go to another station, I come less to LI News. But whenever I come, it just feels like home. It’s not only a class or a job for me here, it’s more like a home feeling. Maybe sometimes I still have nothing to do, but it’s still good just to chat with everyone here. As I wrote in my Chinese blog, to be here is just like to be home, and everyone is just like family.


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