Pete Raab – Animal Care Stimulus Plan

September 30, 2009

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy announced today a plan to help people pay for their pets health care. The plan allows for those who are eligible, to receive a discount in pet health supplies and treatments. Levy was very enthusiastic about the plan, stressing its importance since people consider their pets to be apart of their family.


Greg V 1st post

September 30, 2009

Today I covered a police press briefing about a murder that took place 20 years ago. The story started out side when the suspect was escorted into a police car. Shooting a perp walk for the first time was an exciteing and is more difficult then I thought. After the walk we filmed a detective John Azatta telling us the details about the case and how after all these years the police where finally able to make an arrest.

Pete Raab – Swine Vaccine and Boy Scouts

September 23, 2009

Today we walked around the NYiT campus, at Old Westbury, to get a feel for how many students planned on getting the new swine flu vaccination. Most of the subjects interviewed, said that they were going receive the vaccine, while a few others seemed less eager.

We also met up with a boy scout troop in Roosevelt, as they took a tour of new building under construction. The group learned about different building materials, looked at blueprints, and learned about how a building was assembled. The kids made shooting the story very easy and fun. They were all crowding around the camera wanting to get on TV and answer our questions, which was perfect for getting a lot of footage.

Dana’s First Post

September 23, 2009

I did an interesting story yesterday about the successful results of the Gun Buy Back and Drug Disposal Programs recently held in Nassau County. The county purchased over 300 guns and collected tens of thousands of pharmaceuticals from anonymous residents. I had no idea there were even that many guns in Nassau County! It’s pretty scary to think about, but I’m definitely happy the program proved successful and the county plans to continue the program in the near future.

I’m REALLY excited about a story I’ll be covering next week. There’s a flying trapeze school in Rockville Centre called I.Fly (I work there sometimes) and it is an awesome program that teaches people of all ages to “fly” on a flying trapeze. I think it will be great to further publicize I.Fly to Long Island residents. Doesn’t everyone wish they could fly?!  I’ll update you all next week with my trapeze experience 🙂

Dana Arschin

September 23, 2009

Hello all!

        Today NYIT students were asked how they felt about taking the swine flu vaccine. Would you take it? Why or why not? Well physician assistant, Frank Acevedo says YES! Several students had different answers, some said no, some yes. As for our other survey, how would you feel if the New York Islanders left New York? All stated that they would be very upset. Even a Ranger fan said that the Islanders have had a dynasty on Long Island, and they shouldn’t have to leave. Nor did that student feel that they would even leave to begin with.

                                      Thanks for reading!

                                           Nicole Purcell

September 22, 2009

Hello, everyone.

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