Here’s the situation with today’s shoot

Today Dana and I went into huntington to the Oheka Castle (which was beautiful!). But today was a smidge different then any other shoot that I have been on becuase we were interveiwing celebrities! yay! Dana interviewed Reshma Shetty and Paulo Costanzo of Royal Pains (USA network) who where pretty much the nicest people ever Dominic Fumusa from Nurse Jackie  (showtime) who was also very pleasent to talk to but the main attraction to the tweenagers (and even the moms in the room) was none other then Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Despite his popularity he was very nice waited around didn’t seem in a rush to finish up Dana’s interveiw and stayed to anwser everyones questions and took many pictures with the children and the star struck girls in the room. As for the story the real reason we were there it was nice to see so many people their voluneteering their time for a good cause such as supplying children with presents for x-mas (oh and how could i foget there was an apperance from Santa himself) otherwise they would not have any. Overall it was a great story I am very happy I got to be on it as well as meet some stars!

Katie Checca


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