Rain Rain go Away!

September 30, 2010

Today I went out to Hauppauge to the Suffolk County Executives office. It would appear that the most exciting interesting part of this trip out there was trying to not be blown away by the crazy winds and trying to stay dry. The press conference was in reaction to the legislation comments about some type of building that is suppose to be comeplely eco friendly and produce all sorts of jobs and revenue back into the county. Suffolk County’s County Executive Steve Levy seemed very animated and angry about what he saw as direct lies from the legislators about this propossed project. Over all the shoot was kind of dull and to be frank I wasn’t very interested in it because i don’t live in Suffolk. But just like what my mom says at dinner time “some weeks are good some weeks are bad”


First Month on the Job

September 29, 2010

Today came to an end of my first month as a reporter with LI News Tonight. So far its been a great experience and I cant wait to keep going. I’ve learned a lot so far but also its been great going out into the field and working the show broadcast. It’s been a year and a half since I last worked in TV back in high school when I was anchoring my high school sports desk show.

For me the biggest adjustment was working in the editing lab as the way we edit in LI News is new to me so its taking some time getting adjusted to this style of work. I look to continue doing great things and great assignments and was excited to hear that I will be with the team untill February.

Emergency Systems

September 29, 2010

Today I visited the Manhasset/Lakeville Fire Department in Great Neck where Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel attended to announce a project installing a traffic pre-emption system. This will help improve traffic flow for emergency vehicles along Northern Blvd. I spoke with Schimel and various members of the fire house about the project being worked on and they all believe this is the start to improving the traffic in this area. Chief James Dillon says the way people drive are also a problem such as texting and talking on the phones while driving and thats something else they are working on to improve traffic in this area.

I also did an MOS at the quad on campus about the Yankees clinching a spot in the 2010 baseball playoffs. For me it was a different feeling doing this assignment since I am a Mets fan. I’ve learned in the world of media that you take what you can get and I did this in the same attitude im taking this semester with LI News Tonight as which is to get better for the next step in my life.

Technically we had a good day which makes it easier for me when it comes time to edit as I always like to have enough B-Roll and sound bites to make not just a good but a great story.

-John Santamaria

Veterans benefit and Nassau Community College

September 28, 2010

September 22, 2010

Today’s assignment was to cover the Veterans benefit at Nassau Community College.  Once again I just recorded the event.  This time I really forced myself to get B-shots.  I really believe I got some good ones.  The only problem is that I was so focused on getting the shots that i forgot to white balance when I moved the camera.  The shots were just barely usable which was lucky.  The interviews looked good and were very informative.  I didn’t keep track of time and we were back way too late.  I’ll have to keep a time in my head and keep that as a cut off. 

Kevin Hand

North Hempstead Day

September 24, 2010

Yesterday, Katie and I went to Manhasset for North Hempstead Day.  All of the town officials were dressed up as characters from history.  Each character played a role in the towns history.  It was really nice to see how passionate they were about teaching the children that attended the event about the history of the town.  There were about 140 children at the event, and they all took part in mock board meeting as well as playing games from the colonial period.  Overall it was an excellent and informative story. I also enjoyed writing the script to go along with the footage, and I look forward to seeing what next week has in store for me.

-Nicole S.

North Hempstead Day

September 23, 2010

So today Nicole and I were sent out to cover North Hempstead day suprisingly to me it was help in Manhasset. As I found out it’s because it falls under the North Hempstead umbrella. What is North Hempstead you ask good question! North Hemstead Day turned out to be a revival of history. At the event that took place at Mary Jane Davis Green (a park) in Manhasset where local officals dressed up in period clothing ranging from the early colonial days all the way to the early 1900’s. The elected offials represented previous elected offials who either had their jobs themselves or in some case various different important women in Long Island history. The speeches where very informative and interesting to learn about how certain towns got their names or how street names came to be. Over all the event was very fun and the children seemed to have fun playing games from previous centuries or even taking in a board meeting held by Teddy Roosevelt himself. Over all it was a hot but great shooting day. Three cheers for North Hempstead hip hip horayy!!

Katie Checca

2nd week with LI News Tonight

September 22, 2010

September 21st, 2010

Today was my 2nd week with LI News Tonight. Last week, I was given the chance to go out and do a VOSOT for an NYIT Job and Internship fair.  It was definitely great but terrifying at the same time to be thrown into the mix the 1st day out.

Which brings me to today… I was given the assignment of doing another VOSOT. We were sent to the launch of a digital library site called Live-brary.com for Suffolk County libraries which will be available to card holders.  I am happy overall with how our time went there. I remembered some key things like getting literature about the event and asking the interviewees to spell their names. I didn’t do that on my last shoot and so I wanted to make sure I did it this time.  I did 3 interviews and I think by the last one I was feeling comfortable with asking the questions.

When I got back to the new station, I selected my soundbites and wrote a script. After Carol went over it with me and gave me pointers, I sat with Dana and Gary who started to show me the editing system. I sort of learned it in my undergrad days but I have forgotten everything  since then so it was great to start re-learning the linear editing system.  Overall, I had a very productive day and I hope to see myself improve and progress with each class I attend!

Natalee Shale