Immigrant Demonstration

December 16, 2009

Yesterday I covered a very interesting story in Oyster Bay. Latino immigrants were chanting and marching because they’re angry with an ordinance that was recently enacted. The ordinance makes it a crime to stand on a public sidewalk and solicit employment. Latinos were really upset because many of them they cannot find work any other way and they say they desperately need to provide food for their families. The town of Oyster Bay supervisor John Venditto says he’s sympathetic towards these immigrants and he is willing to sit down and work with them to find a solution to their troubles. To learn more, watch LI News Tonight at 7:00pm on Cablevision 18 and at 10:45pm on Fios 1.

Dana Arschin

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Editing Toy Safety Story

December 9, 2009

Today was a rainy day, but luckily for myself, I was inside editing the Toy Safety story. Before this internship at LI News Tonight, I had no idea how to edit video. However after being here for a couple months, I’m now able to linear edit. Doing a story on toys is a lot of fun. You are able to be creative.¬† At the shoot itself, I felt the child in me come out after seeing the little kids eating snacks and playing with toys. I miss being a child ūüôā¬† Well, in the end, the story came out well and tune into LI News Tonight on ch.18 @ 7pm on Cablevision and on ch.1 @ 10:45pm on FIOS to see that story as well as many other great stories. Take care.

Nicole Purcell

Flooded roads make mornings hard for residents of Nassau

December 9, 2009

With almost an Inch of rain on the ground many of the residents of Nassau county have found that getting around has been difficult we spoke with several residents about how they where beating the rain and if it had hindered their daily plans at all. Many of the residents we spoke to didn’tlet the rain get them down and went about their daily routines with little change. The rain has finally stopped however the weather calls for snow over the weekend

Greg Velazquez

Hydrogen Fueling Station

December 9, 2009

The town of Hempstead has opened what they say is the first hydrogen fueling station on Long Island. According to the town the hydrogen fuel is produced through a process that generates hydrogen from water. It’s a process they say helps improve the environment and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. To learn more, click the link below.

Dana Arschin

Autism Luncheon

December 9, 2009

I recently covered a story on a luncheon for people with autism and other disabilities. Most of those people did not have family to celebrate the holidays with so they were able to celebrate together with good food and friends. Celebs Dina and Ali Lohan came to the event to help raise autism awareness. I interviewed Dina and she was very nice and seemed genuinely interested in helping to raise awareness. To learn more, click on the link below.

Dana Arschin

Aggressive Driving in Suffolk County

December 9, 2009

Yesterday I went to Huntington for a press conference on the creation of a new unit in Suffolk County that will go after aggressive and dangerous drivers this holiday season. It seems like both Nassau and Suffolk Counties are focusing heavily on getting dangerous drivers off the road lately, and I think it’s a very important issue. To learn more about keeping our roads safe, watch LI News Tonight at 7pm on Cablevision 18 and at 10:45pm on Fios 1.

Dana Arschin

Pete Raab – Tree Burning

December 7, 2009

We traveled out to Yaphank to watch a demonstration on the dangers of not safely setting up your christmas tree. The local firefighters set up a mock living room complete with a sofa, couch, tv, and fully decorated tree. The tree was then set a blaze to demonstrate just how quickly your house could go up in flames from your tree catching fire.

It was quite the incredible site, the entire room went up almost instantly, literally in a matter of seconds. The fire was intense too, so hot that almost all of the crews had to keep moving away in order to stand the heat. Once the blaze continued for about a minute or so, firefighters rushed in to douse the flames creating a huge atmosphere of pitch black smoke.

The aftermath was incredible, the walls were cover in black from the smoke and charred wood. The couch and chair where destroyed, the material completely burnt off the frame, and the television was a melted mess. I’ve witnessed a lot of bonfires during my short time alive, but this one was quite the unique experience.

Make sure to catch this story plus many others on LI News Tonight, channel 18 for Cablevision @7pm and Fios 1 for Verizon @ 10:45pm.