Pete Raab – Tree Burning

We traveled out to Yaphank to watch a demonstration on the dangers of not safely setting up your christmas tree. The local firefighters set up a mock living room complete with a sofa, couch, tv, and fully decorated tree. The tree was then set a blaze to demonstrate just how quickly your house could go up in flames from your tree catching fire.

It was quite the incredible site, the entire room went up almost instantly, literally in a matter of seconds. The fire was intense too, so hot that almost all of the crews had to keep moving away in order to stand the heat. Once the blaze continued for about a minute or so, firefighters rushed in to douse the flames creating a huge atmosphere of pitch black smoke.

The aftermath was incredible, the walls were cover in black from the smoke and charred wood. The couch and chair where destroyed, the material completely burnt off the frame, and the television was a melted mess. I’ve witnessed a lot of bonfires during my short time alive, but this one was quite the unique experience.

Make sure to catch this story plus many others on LI News Tonight, channel 18 for Cablevision @7pm and Fios 1 for Verizon @ 10:45pm.


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