December 15, 2010

Today my story was one I suggested. It was a coat drive at Citi Field being sponsored by the New York Mets in support of New York Cares. Their a volunteer organization that are collecting coats this holiday season for donations. It was a great crowd and many people came to donate coats. All donations resulted in a voucher for free Mets tickets for a game in April of the upcoming season. For me it meant more than the coat drive because the Mets are my favorite team and my lifelong goal is to one day become their TV or Radio announcer. Mets players were in anntendance and it was an honor to get to interview Jason Bay and Manager Terry Collins. I was happy with the way my story came out we had a lot of good footage, some minor things couldve been better as I discussed when I returned but overall I was happy with my idea and was glad I got to go out there. I even made a coat donation and got my own voucher.

If this turns out to be my only sports related package, it was a blast and enjoyed the day out at Citi Field. Even if not with the Mets, I hope to one day become a sports broadcaster.

-John Santamaria


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