Save our Future

Last week I was asked to report to Bethpage Ballpark to record the last meeting of The Carleton Group. This is a student-based advertising group from NYIT that received working world experience by creating the ad campaign for the Long Island Ducks. I really enjoyed covering this story because the students who are involved in the Carleton Group are much like me, and the other students who are a part of LI News Tonight: they are involved in a program that is giving them the best hands-on experience to prepare them for their future. Sitting at a desk and taking exams just doesn’t cut it. Colleges need to incorporate more programs such as these to really prepare their student for the next step. I think that’s really what adds value to the educational dollar. And this is why it saddens me that NYIT is cutting the LI News Tonight TV show and full course from their curriculum after 25 years running. I personally majored in communications as an undergrad more than 5 years ago and never was able to get to the next step in a broadcast career. It wasn’t until last year that I found out about LI News, and taking it now as a 28-year old student has renewed my belief that this is something I can pursue. I cannot tell you how much I’ve learned and accomplished in such a short amount of time. And no one on the outside would ever really understand all we do unless they went through it. LI News is such a valuable program and I hope that school realizes what they are doing it by cutting it in half. I think dollars should be spent more wisely and they should rethink the decision they have made..and help save our future.

-Adrienne Hara


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