Ice Cream Cones

Last week I went out on a story about “ice cream cones” at a local Friendly’s restaurant. By the sound of it, one would think, “what kind of news story could there be involving ice cream cones”? Well, the news was that Friendly’s restaurants across Long Isaland were giving out free ice cream cones to any customer who gives a $2 donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. At first, I thought to myself that this was nothing new because stores and charities partner up all the time and run promotions to help bring awareness to certain charities. There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone has gone to a supermarket or drug store and been asked “Would you like to donate a dollar to [enter charity or organization here]?” But how do we measure the success of these promotions? If you have ever doanted money to these causes, was it because you felt pressured? Or did ou really have a sincere interest in the charity or cause? There are so many good causes out there and I think sometimes it gets difficult because I, personally, am the kind of person who would love to help as much as I can- but sometimes feel like it’s impossible for me to give money to every cause. But If I say no, then I feel bad or guilty. I think a successful charity event is one where the donor walks away with a better understanding of the cause…and if they were able to spare a dollar or two, even better- without having felt pressured or guilted. I did feel though as if the employees at this Friendly’s restaurant were really putting their all into educating their customers on the L&L society, and making them really feel good about donating to those less fortuante. When I met with the spokesperson for the L&L society at the story, she was brought to tears just from me practicing my stand-up. She was so grateful and honored that we were helping to bring attention and awareness to something that meant so much to her. And I think that’s what it’s all about. Connecting on that emotional level…reading between the lines and seeing that this is for people who are battling for their lives…So ironically, it was never about ice cream cones…

-Adrienne Hara


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