Press conference today Sen. Schumer was announcing a request to looking into improving the shoulder areas on the LIE where pulling over cars puts the Officers and drivers at risk.  Earlier this month the NCPD lost PO Califano when he was rendered by a truck. in the past 10 years 20 officers have been rear ended during trafic stops on the highway.  Schumer is requesting that the part of budget allocated for highway safety be used.

It just reminds me of the spot bewteen  the 135 and about 106/107  there’s a few spots were they often pull people over there’s not a whole lot of room before the shoulder drops off steeply because the highway is elevated.  It’s a damn popular area to pull people over.  This is one of the reasons we have that new law that requires cars to move out of the left lane if an Cop car is on the shoulder with it’s lights on.  We did run into a man who normally drives trucks who isn’t a fan of this new law.  It causes traffic and it’s hard for trucks to change lanes when the traffic slows down.  Got a nifty blue rubberband bracelt in memory of  officer  Califano.



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