Smoking Ban

You may have never considered this, but if you had to guess the difference between the amount of secondhand smoke in an enclosed car versus an open space, what would your guess be?
Would you think a child’s lungs are more suseptible to harmful substances in the air or an adult’s lungs?
How about this: we all know that smoking has been linked to causing cancer, but what about secondhand smoke? Has it been linked to other health problems?
These are questions that Legislators Judi Bosworth and Judy Jacobs have asked—and along with Dr. Shetal Shah, they’re saying that the answers to these questions are cause for concern. That’s why they say they’ve proposed a new bill for Nassau County that would ban smoking in a motor vehicle with passengers under 18–with a possible fine of up to $1,000.
Although some argue the bill is just another way for the county to make money, Legislators Bosworth and Jacobs say that’s not the point of introducing the bill—the point is to make people more aware of the harm they could be causing their children.
To find out more about the bill that would have Nassau County joining the ranks of California, Arkansas, Louisiana and Maine, as well as Rockland County, NY, watch the story at!




–Tara Evans


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