Sim Bots and Anchoring

I am behind a week on my posts, but lets catch up right now. Last week, I went out on a story at the Catholic Health Services Patient Simulation Center based in Melville, NY. The sory was to cover how CHS is utilizing these human like simulation bots to simulate a medical emergency. This scenario, using the 60 year old Sim Man, was picked up at home by Emergency Medical Service workers and brought to the hospital for chest pain and respiratory difficulties. While in the hospital, he goes into cardiac arrest. A team of doctors, nurses, and medical students are standing by and rushed to save this mans life. The other scenario, an infant, who fell at home after suffering a seizure suddenly suffers from cardiac arrest in the hospital. Again, the team rushes to save the infants life.

This was a big day for me because I also had the honor to anchor the NYIT update and anchor a special edition of LI News Tonight. This was a wonderful experience, because it made me become more familiar with anchoring. At first I was nervous, and very nervous throughout, but I worked through it and became more comfortable. It’s not as easy as it looks on TV — anchoring is actually a tedious position.

-Kyle Reitan


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