Massage Parlor Busted

My story this past Monday, at LI News Tonight, was to cover a Deer Park Massage Parlor that was shut down by Suffolk Police and the Town of Babylon. This massage parlor isn’t an ordinary place. That’s a nice way of putting that there crimes were carried out there. At this particular location, it’s unknown what kind acts occurred, but I covered a press conference that was held outside. I found it interesting that the place was called Happy Smoke Shop. The police officer that spoke pointed out that places like this use false names to hide it from being known. Furthermore, during their investigation, they found it noteworthy that a smoke shop had surveillance cameras outside and a buzzer to enter. These were just some clues that helped them figure out the place was up to no good. Overall, this was a good experience to cover a crime story.

Stay tuned for my story on LI News Tonight!

-Kyle Reitan


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