First few weeks at LI News Tonight

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about beginning LI News Tonight this semester. The program came highly recommended to me from several reporters and producers I greatly respect and admire, and I though I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be a reporter or producer, I figured, hey, why not?

Well, I have to say that coming here already looks like one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve already learned so much (and this is only my fifth day here), and I can only imagine how much I will learn by the end of this semester and in future semesters if my schedule permits continuing. I just finished my first package today on the winter blood emergency appeal, and as I sit anxiously awaiting its airing, I already can’t wait to see how my next story turns out.

It was really comforting to meet reporters who have been here for a couple of semesters and find out they had a lot of the same concerns I did when I started; and I think they’re right–I can’t wait to go back at the end of the semester and compare my first story to the final story of the semester and see the improvements I’ve made and what still needs work. Right off the bat, I know I should invest in some better gloves and perhaps a raincoat for weather-related stories! 🙂 But seriously, so far, so good and I hope I continue to improve…and have some fun.
Tara Evans


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