3rd monday

Yesterday was an interesting day. I was sent out with Jodi as her camera person. My first time doing it by myself.  It was a learn experience.  I’m still mortified the first interview shot i did was over exposed getting the zebra right on bright days is tricky.  Our first location we were filming a quick moving road work crew so we decided to forgo the tripod.  First few shots of that I was struggling to  get the focus the second set of shots with that crew i did came out better because I set up on the asfalut.

After that we drove down Jericho turn pike looking for potholes we picked out a nice one at a drive way for a office building to film.  Sadly right after i had adjusted the camera on the tripod to remove it pack up  a car came by and i wasn’t set up to get the wheels going though the water filled potholes.  The driver did stop to inquire what we were doing an nicely agreed to give comments on tape.  This time i didn’t over expose her.

Our second road crew wasn’t move as  fast so I was were able to use the tripod.  We lucked out and got a shot of a car going though some of the potholes they were about to fill in.  We intervened another passerby for a mos and Jodi practiced a few stand ups.  On the way back we stoped off by a pond to shoot the b roll for the weather.  Because it was all snow I had the apactuer set to small and the shot came out to dark.  then we went to a shopping center to shoot more mos.  Then we headed back to look over the footage.  I was able to see what i was doing right and wrong.  I think my height is going to be an issue sometimes.  I had to do another B roll for the weather and locked myself outside the studio and had to walk around to another door with the camera to get back in.  if i shoot out that door again next time I’ll bring my cellphone so i can call to have someone let me back in.  Everything is a learning experience.

~Angela Bacchi


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