Getting Into The Groove

As I begin my second week at LI News Tonight I have already seen personal growth in ways that may not be apparent on the surface. Having the opportunity to speak with repeat LI News students who have come back for a second and third semester, I have realized that many of my concerns out in the field as a reporter are common. It is very helpful to listen to the way other students have developed as writers and reporters in order to keep positive and believe in myself that I too, will grow!

I am grateful for making the connection with LI News Tonight as the next step in pursing a career in television broadcasting. It is comforting to feel that I am in the right place where alumni have gone on to build successful careers. Establishing oneself in the industry has become more competitive than ever before and that is why I appreciate the uniqueness of this program in order to have the opportunity to work alongside the LI News team.

When I sat down with Carol after my first day out on a VOSOT in Wyandanch, I learned quickly that there was no such thing as “too many” questions and information to gather while out in the field. I may never forget the events that followed logging the tape and beginning to write the skeleton. As Carol asked me questions about some of the most important details, it dawned on me I didn’t know! Before wasting anymore time I knew exactly what needed to be done- I needed to make phone calls to get answers. Throughout the rest of the week I read the newspaper in the morning and then pitched pretend stories to practice questions I would ask if I were sent out on another story. With Carol’s help I am still impressed with the way the story came together. I look forward to having the knowledge from the past to improve and the determination to keep moving forward.

Jodi Goldberg


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