December 1, 2010

Today was my first day back in the office after having last week off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I went to Nassau Community College with Kevin and Ethan where filmmaker Andrew Jenks who is also the creator of the MTV documentary series “World of Jenks” spoke to the students about his career making documentaries. He makes documentaries to experience the life of other unique people such as homeless and ones who live in nursing homes. He explained how it helped him understand himself more and that we should be grateful for some of the things we have because many people may not be as lucky as some of us are today.

As far as putting together the story itself, I felt this was one of my better packages as I wrote my script knowing what shots I was able to pick up along with getting great sound bites and interviews. The weather was terrible today so at least we didnt need to do anything outside. The campus at Nassau is very confusing and we got lost at the beginning but we ended up finding the location on campus where we needed to go. I plan to finish this story tomorrow and hope to see it on air very soon.

-John Santamaria


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