The 9th Annual 2010 Smart Growth Summit

On November 19th I covered the 9th Annual  Smart Growth Summit that was held at the Marriott Hotel in Melville Long Island. It was a summit that consisted of 100 speakers and 900 regional leaders, who were called to address problems and to come up with solutions to Long Island land use and infrastructure issues.   Because Long Island population is vastly growing and expanding many elected officials,civic leaders, developers, planners, environmentalists and concerned citizens were all called  to find solutions to this issues…

I interviewed a young college student who was also  a guest speaker she wanted to address problems and concerns that young college students and working professorial people face when trying to purchase homes on Long Island. They can not afford to buy a home because of the cost$$$.  Their income don not permit them to afford housing on Long Island, so in many cases  in they are forced to move out of state.

Many constructional companies was there to address building affordable housing  for low income people, in which are first time buyers like younger people. They were proposing their ideas at the summit.

There were also, buinesses who discussed Transporation issues, Enegery concerns and plans for the furture,Public Saftey, Land Use, and many more.. All were excited to discuss solutions and ideas for how they can help solve these problems.

Overall it was very interesting and wonderful story to cover, if you want to learn more on what solutions that the Smart Summit is proposing to find solutions for  the expanding and changing Long Island area please visit

Safiya Allen


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