Tuesday, November 23rd 2010

On Tuesday, Pete and I headed to Long Beach to do 2 things. First we did a MOS on the boardwalk where we asked people what they thought of the warm weather so late in November. It went pretty well until I got yelled at by a very irritated man.

Then we went to a conference near Reynolds channel where neighbors who live across on the bay had started noticing a visible brown sludge in the water since early march. Legislators only learned of the problem when Long Beach resident Scott Bochner, whose home overlooks the bay, videotaped the sewage being dumped into the channel, and posted in on youtube.

The sewage is flowing from the county operated Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant into Reynolds Channel but they had failed to notify the public, the county Department of Health and the legislature about these violations.

Bochner and neighbor Jim Hangley are now part of an ad-hoc group (residents, activists, and elected officials) called the “Sludge Stoppers” and they are calling for Nassau County to hold public hearings and put a stop to this problem.

Natalee Shale


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