Tuesday, November 16th 2010

On Tuesday I finished my gang symposium package.

It was a little rough going on Tuesday. I just barely finished the package that day but thankfully Gary stayed and helped me finish edit it after the newscast. I’m a little frustrated because I haven’t really gotten a hang of the linear editing yet. I think its due to the fact that I can only be at LI News once a week.  I was also frustrated that I forgot to get 2 shots during my interviews which I know is a big no.

Another thing I’m learning is that sometimes putting too much information into your packages is not a good thing. I tend to do that a lot thinking its important to include everything but I need to learn to just really hit the important points so the audience doesn’t get over-saturated with information and lose interest in the story I’m telling.  I’ll try to remember this for my next story!

Natalee Shale



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