Volunteer Firefighters have their POV’s Winterized

The story I had the opportunity to cover was about a Connecticut based antifreeze company called Prestone that came to the Northeast to winterize volunteer firefighter’s personally owned vehicles (POV).  The best part of the story is the representatives winterizing the vehicles are volunteers also.  In New York, Prestone decided to promote their campaign at the Mahasset-Lakeview Fire Department.  They also presented the Chief with a $5,000 check.  Aside from covering the story as a reporter, I could certainly use the tips abotu winterzing a vehicle.  I learned the first thing to check on is the tire pressure, and to check it in cool temperatures so the tires don’t expand.  Next, the windshield wipers and finally the various gauges, horn, headlights, brakelights, etc.  Look for my story on LI News Tonight. 

-Kyle Reitan


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