So while i am sitting here with nothing much to do at my internship at the moment i thought i would share with all of you the lovely thursday i had. I was quiet the busy little beaver I did two stories on thurday with Tiana. Well really i think the first storie had two parts. First we went out to Syosset to shoot a foundation who was donating baskets of food to needy families to make thanksgiving dinners. After that we actually went to one of the families house to watch them receive the which they seemed very thankful for. When we got back Tiana and i laced up our running shows and high tailed it down the hall to shoot the architecture gallery to film the cute tiny little house models (based on real 1950’s deigns in el paso i believe) they were fun and interesting to look at and had great details even down to little bricks look like they were cut up. Props to those architecture majors they know their stuff! 

Katie Checca


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