Thursday, November 11th

Yesterday Laura and I went to North Shore Animal League America where we covered a story on rescued dogs.  There were 65 dogs rescued from 2 puppy mills in Missouri.  It was sad to see how scared they were, but I’m sure they were happy to be there.  Puppy mills are awful they treat the dogs very badly, and even with the laws they are not treated the way they deserve to be.  All the dogs that came to North Shore from the mills are pure bred.  Doxens, Poodles, and Bichons were all in the mix. These are dogs that people pay thousands of dollars for.  Rather then paying crazy amounts of money for these pure breds, people can RESCUE them from shelters.  I’m glad that we covered this story, because it is such an important issue and I am a huge animal lover. I also did my first stand-up on this story while holding one of the rescued dogs Petunia.  I finished the story yesterday, so it ready for air..along with a few others I have completed.  I look forward to seeing them on LI News Tonight sometime in the future. 

-Nicole S


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