Tuesday November 2nd

I completed my 2nd news assignment this Tuesday. I was sent out to Mineola with Pete to cover Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy voting and also the new voting process. I also was forced to finish this story same day which was a little hair raising but thankfully with Gary’s editing expertise it got done right before the newscast.

I learned some new things on this story.  First the way the interview was set up with her was at a weird angle. I listened to another reporter who was there and let McCarthy look directly at our cameras which was a mistake.  I should have been standing on Pete’s left side rather then his right I think.  Truthfully, I was so intent on asking my questions that I didn’t even think about it but now I know to look out for that.

Also, I wanted to get MOS of people’s take on the new voting system. But everyone I asked ran away and we were running low on time so we had to leave. I’m sure if we had more time I could have gotten some sound bites but oh well. I had to make what I had work. I think what I’m starting to learn now is to trust my instincts and be more confident. I’m not there yet but hopefully I will be one day.   Overall I’m happy with the way the story turned out and the visuals were great so it was a good day.


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