Boy Scout’s Centennial @ Eisenhower Park

On Friday Oct 29, Leonard and Myself Covered a story about the “Boy Scout’s Centennial Jamboree and Exposition” at Eisenhower Park  that celebrated  the 100th anniversary of the  Boy Scouts Organization thorough hands-on exhibits, activities, and guest speakers.   We expected  about 3,000 people that was supposed to be there , but to our surprise a lot of the scouts was not there yet(because of scheduling issues with school… and so there expected time of arrival was later that day into the following day).  We managed to interview 2 people, It was very informative to see  how the scout masters  were extremely passionate about this organization and what it represents… they stated that the Boy Scouts Organization is a instrumental tool to help boys become men, in which they will have learned how to be leaders and living role models of others to see in addition to having a positive and acting role of society…

We didn’t get the experience that we wished for, but all in all it was a very interesting  trip and story to cover… oh well better luck next time:)

Safiya Allen


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