The Eagle Story

On October 27, Katie and I went to cover the Eagle story. Before getting to Hicksville Rail Road Station, I was glad there was no traffic on route 106. While driving, I was thinking about how big the eagle was going to be. When Katie and I saw the eagle, it wasn’t the big, huge size we thought it was. was but the eagle was a great architectural structure. When I heard the music during the ceremony, it came imaginative pictures in my mind from back in 1950. I was just wondering how the life used to be back then.

Overall, it was a nice, interesting ceremony to attend with a nice history of how the eagle was restored and to learn about the people involved in this project, it all added information to my “hungry mind”.  

Back in the newsroom, I started to edit and I was amazed to see the beautiful shots. I give credit to Laura for her beautiful pictures of The Goldberg Eagle, which is now the new name.

Elizabeth Zumba


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