Paladino comes to Long Island

Katie and I went to the Lindenhurst Diner today to see Carl Paladino.  We thought there would be a media frenzy, but only a few other news stations were there.  When we arrived Paladino and his team were eating so there was some waiting around.  He didn’t walk around the diner and talk to the people like I thought he would, but he took pictures in between eating. We were able to interview him outside of the diner, and he wasn’t very friendly.  He was rather snippy with the media and then he ran off to his car as if the five reporters that were there were going to chase him down…I don’t think anybody was too upset to see him go.  Katie and I left the diner in search of people to interview, it was hard at first since nobody was willing to do so..and half of them had no idea who he was.  Finally we tried the ambush strategy which worked great and I was able to write and edit the story by the end of the day.

-Nicole S


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