Tuesday, October 26th 2010

I was supposed to go to Steve Levy’s office and do a package on November being homeless awareness month and how he and other advocates are raising awareness of the issue and helping those who will need it the cold winter months ahead.

Sadly though when Pete and I got there close to 1 pm we were told the conference was postponed till a later date. I had called earlier at around 10 am and was told the conference was still happening so I guess in between that time things changed. We saw another news crew and we told them to turn around as well. I just feel bad Pete had to drive all the way out to Hauppauge and we didn’t get anything!

Later on in the day I did a MOS just around our building and tried to ask students or anybody if they plan to vote this upcoming Tuesday. I got a majority of no’s and a few yes answers. MOS are hard because most people don’t want to give you the time of day but I pretty much asked anyone who crossed my path so I did manage to get a few interviews.

Natalee Shale


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