Working on my VOSOT

October 13, 2010

On this day I stayed in the studio to work on my story for the Studio opening.  I just thought I was going to shoot the footage and then pass it onto a reporter but I was given the responsibility of editing and writing myself.  The writing was enjoyable but the editing…  lets just say i need work on that.  I had to come in the next day to edit and i needed Gary’s help to get it right.  Going to need to practice editing one of these days.  The main reason i stayed in the studio today was because of a Roundtable we had to shoot.  We were short handed so i had to run the three cameras on the floor as well as cueing Dana and calling for wrap up.  For the most part it was easy, only one camera had to be adjusted and it just needed to be panned back and worth between the guests.  The hardest part was that Dana’s back was to me and i had to quietly take off my headset and make my way across the floor to have her see me.  Overall it was very good experience.

Kevin Hand


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