Thursday, October 14th

Thursday, I went on 2 stories with Katie and Liz.  We went to my story first,which was in Port Washington.  When we arrived the first person that we met was Myron.  This story was about the restoration of Stannard’s Brook County Park.  As of right now, there is not much to the park, but there is much anticipation for the end result.  Ed Mangano was there to talk about the park and the hopes that himself and the Friends of Stannards Brook have for it.  I will definetely be returning next year to see the park when it is finished, because from the pictures that I saw and the people that I spoke to, the park is going to be a beautiful addition to the Port Washington community. 

After my story we drove to Adelphi University for Liz’s story.  Her story was about a one woman show that was taking place at the school.  Jenny Allen survied ovarian cancer, and has transformed her story into a comedic show.  It was really a pleasure meeting her.  She was extremely nice, and enthusiastic.  It was inspiring to see her in such great spirits.  Overall, it was a lovely day. 

-Nicole S.


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