2 stories

So today I went out with Nicole and Liz. The first story we went to sounded appealing from the press release. We went to a park and according to the press release it had a stream with rolling lawns and lots of trees. The reality of what we say was a dribble of water in what looked like a stream at one point I saw a hill i wouldn’t really say there were rolling lawns I did see many tress however they where on the ground so I am not really sure if they count. It seemed to be they were tlaking about the resteration of the park which is nice but it probably would have been better to have shot when the park was done since it was hard to make this park look as good as the press release made it out to be.

As for the second story this was much harder to shoot. The interviewee was apparently 2 and a half hours late which was fine with us since we didn’t wait nearly as long as another group. The woman who does a one man show about her battle with cancer was a very bubbly woman who really seemed to have a great new outlook on life and was just the type of person you would love to be around if you’re having a bad day. Liz interviewed her we got a few sound bites and then when it came to shoot some b-roll it was rather difficult because we were in an auditorium with no one around. So i couldn’t shoot it with all these people watching her to make it look appealing and want to go . But she was kind enough to do a little of her show and I recorded that in hopes of using that as the b-roll.

Katie Checca


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