Tuesday, October 12th 2010

Today, I had the chance to observe Shaun do a MOS.  He had to ask people what they thought about LIPA who are raising taxes on power. It was interesting to watch the difficulties in getting people to speak with you. Not many people wanted or had anything to say but after he decided to switch locations he had better luck getting more people to speak on camera and I am glad that I got to observe this so that when I have to do MOS I know the tricks of the trade. He handled it all like a pro.

Afterwards, Pete and I went to Martin Viette Nurseries  in East Norwich to do a story on Pumpkin Patches. Pete got great shots of little kids and their moms playing in the pumpkin patch and I interviewed a mom and the education director. I practiced my stand up and did a bridge. Hopefully I can maybe turn this into a news package. We’ll see!




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