October 6, 2010- Strip Club Closing

Today my assignment was to visit West Babylon for the official announcment of the closing of LI Cafe on Sunrise Highway. Town of Babylon supervisor Steve Bellone along with other town officials were present to make the announcement. The goal is to get strip clubs out of residential areas because they feel those types of businesses belong in industrial areas and young children shouldnt know about them. Zoning signs were put up on the building of LI Cafe to let the owners understand that they can no longer run business here since they havent agreed with what the town wants to put in place.

Their was a lot of media at this press conference so getting there early was the key as I got a bunch of different shots for my story. For this specific vosot I felt I had enough sound bites at the press conferences so my interviews with Bellone and another official involved werent needed. I also got to get shots of the neighborhood to show viewers how residential it is over there along with showing another strip club a few blocks away that was shut down for the same reason.

My story should be completly edited tomorrow morning and ready to be put on the air.

-John Santamaria


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