Emergency Systems

Today I visited the Manhasset/Lakeville Fire Department in Great Neck where Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel attended to announce a project installing a traffic pre-emption system. This will help improve traffic flow for emergency vehicles along Northern Blvd. I spoke with Schimel and various members of the fire house about the project being worked on and they all believe this is the start to improving the traffic in this area. Chief James Dillon says the way people drive are also a problem such as texting and talking on the phones while driving and thats something else they are working on to improve traffic in this area.

I also did an MOS at the quad on campus about the Yankees clinching a spot in the 2010 baseball playoffs. For me it was a different feeling doing this assignment since I am a Mets fan. I’ve learned in the world of media that you take what you can get and I did this in the same attitude im taking this semester with LI News Tonight as which is to get better for the next step in my life.

Technically we had a good day which makes it easier for me when it comes time to edit as I always like to have enough B-Roll and sound bites to make not just a good but a great story.

-John Santamaria


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