North Hempstead Day

So today Nicole and I were sent out to cover North Hempstead day suprisingly to me it was help in Manhasset. As I found out it’s because it falls under the North Hempstead umbrella. What is North Hempstead you ask good question! North Hemstead Day turned out to be a revival of history. At the event that took place at Mary Jane Davis Green (a park) in Manhasset where local officals dressed up in period clothing ranging from the early colonial days all the way to the early 1900’s. The elected offials represented previous elected offials who either had their jobs themselves or in some case various different important women in Long Island history. The speeches where very informative and interesting to learn about how certain towns got their names or how street names came to be. Over all the event was very fun and the children seemed to have fun playing games from previous centuries or even taking in a board meeting held by Teddy Roosevelt himself. Over all it was a hot but great shooting day. Three cheers for North Hempstead hip hip horayy!!

Katie Checca


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