2nd week with LI News Tonight

September 21st, 2010

Today was my 2nd week with LI News Tonight. Last week, I was given the chance to go out and do a VOSOT for an NYIT Job and Internship fair.  It was definitely great but terrifying at the same time to be thrown into the mix the 1st day out.

Which brings me to today… I was given the assignment of doing another VOSOT. We were sent to the launch of a digital library site called Live-brary.com for Suffolk County libraries which will be available to card holders.  I am happy overall with how our time went there. I remembered some key things like getting literature about the event and asking the interviewees to spell their names. I didn’t do that on my last shoot and so I wanted to make sure I did it this time.  I did 3 interviews and I think by the last one I was feeling comfortable with asking the questions.

When I got back to the new station, I selected my soundbites and wrote a script. After Carol went over it with me and gave me pointers, I sat with Dana and Gary who started to show me the editing system. I sort of learned it in my undergrad days but I have forgotten everything  since then so it was great to start re-learning the linear editing system.  Overall, I had a very productive day and I hope to see myself improve and progress with each class I attend!

Natalee Shale


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