First off Campus Assignment

September 15th, 2010

Our assignment today was to cover the “Shed the Meds” event in North Amittyville.  The event was put together by Suffolk County Legislator DuWayne Gregory , along with the Town of Babylon and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s department.  We filmed interviews with legislator Gregory, which i thought the light was going to be off even with the reflector.  When we reviewed it though it turns out it came out just fine.  Also we interviewed one of the deputies who showed us a take home drug kit.  I turned out to be a great B-roll shot.  This time around I got a few more good B-rolls but still not enough.  I really need to work on that. 

When we got back to the studio we realized we forgot the weather shot so we set up outside Education Hall and filmed the clouds moving over the trees.  It was a pretty good shot but I’ll be sure to shoot the weather shot off campus if I can. 

We went out, while the reporter worked on the story, to do some camera practice with our two shadows that came with us that day.  After that I helped, hopefully, with the story.  I also set up the weather shot on tape for the show, organized the stories for the anchor and the production manager.  Finally I operated the tapes for the show.  When I first heard about this job I thought.  Video tape operator…  you mean you just have to push play when they tell you…  thats easy.  Man was I wrong and to all who do do this job may I apologize for my ignorance.  It takes focus, timing and organization three things i have never been known to have.  The first show I messed up here and there.  Like forgetting to say “One rolling” after they say “Roll on one”.  But by the second show I was doing better.  Overall a good experience that I needed to have. 

Kevin Hand


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