First Day On the Job, So To Speak

September 14th 2010

It’s the first day off class and I’m a mixture of excited, anxious, …a little hungry and tired.  Not really sure what to expect I walk into the studio to see everybody on the computers typing away.  The first thing I think to myself is….Great,  I’m late!  It turns out everybody was checking the local news stories before class started. 

After coming realizing that what I wanted out of this class was to become proficient in filming, that and the fact that I have a face for radio.  I decided to just to do camera work.  With a quick, yet thourough explanation of the equipment, we were sent out to cover the Health and Behavioral sciences job fair at the NYCOM quad.  To our chagrin, there weren’t many students there to interview so we focused mainly on the company representatives.   We got back after combating a few audio snafus and lighting issues to find that our B-roll footage wasn’t enough and what we got wasn’t really usable.  You can say, chalk it up to inexperience, but I really hate coming up short, Lesson learned I guess.  Through it all we were able to pull the story together. 

So, to recap the day, I learned how to use and use the film and audio equipment out in the field.  I was able to see the adjustments needed to film in various lighting conditions.  I now understand that you can create B-roll images you do not have to catch them while they are happening, even though thats better.  Last of all, I really think I’m going to enjoy myself in this class. 

Kevin Hand


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