Animal Abuser Registry

As we know, there is a registry for sex offenders and other types of offenders all around the country. But, Suffolk County looks to become the first Municipality in the Nation with a new type of registry for a new kind of offender, Animal Abusers. Jon Cooper of the 18th District SC Legislature says it would be a publicly accessible data base where people can find out the information and lists of their names, photos, and addresses of where these people live. If anyone has committed a crime against an animal, for example, hurt, tortured, or beaten, and was subject to a fine or thrown in jail for any abuse to an animal, they will put on the registry for a minimum of five years and will not be able to purchase or adopt and animal for a long time. This will also allow pet shops on the Island to carry the database to know who they are giving an animal and who is able to purchase one as well. If anyone appears on the registry, they will be turned away. Animals are also apart of a persons family, it is NOT just an animal, it is a member of your family who is always happy to see its owner, no matter who you are, they now that they are protected in more ways than one. This registry will also be able to ensure that animals will never be abused again…

Robert Marzano


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