Young Scientists

These young children in Hempstead are learning how to use recyclable materials to help make the planet greener and safe. It is defiantly a very unique way to teach young children the importance of recycling and keeping this planet clean. Camp Councilor Al Persico said that the kids are learning to create more and more items from these materials to not only show what they are making but putting recycled items to good use. One of the forefronts that helped this program and helped the kids understand these measures was the Exxon Valdez and BP Oil Spills that affect the animal life, the wild life, and the livelihoods of people in those areas. The Children have taken a liking to this idea that the planet is ever so fragile and we need to make it safer for the generations to come. Inventions start with dreams and who better to create dreams than brilliant young minds.

Robert Marzano


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