Kids Book

Benjamin Levin is a 7 year old elementary school student in Locust Valley who has an ever present smile on his face. At the age of 5 however, he was diagnosed with leukemia,  and his parents Michael and Michele wondered if their son would ever be able to to what young children do so much. That hasn’t stopped this brave young man from doing the things he loves like baseball, soccer, and other sports. As his father said, he does it with a smile on his face. He has been the focus of a new children’s book that his fellow classmates and teachers help create for him and other children. Not just any children, but children who are fighting infectious diseases like cancer and leukemia. His former teacher Mindy Spear put a book together entitled “I Spy Our Way”, to help Benjamin through this terrible ordeal, that no child should ever have to face. Now, this book, is to be distributed throughout Winthrop Research Hospital in Mineola. His mother said there is no words to describe the support that the school and the community has given to Ben and they sure know now that this inspiration will help other children in need through these ordeals and bring back the smiles that they dearly show.

Robert Marzano


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