BAT Mobile

During the Forth of July weekend, the Nassau County Police Department unveiled a new, high visibility deterrent to crack down on Drunk Driving. They call it the BAT Mobile, or Breath Alcohol Testing Vehicle which has special equipment that gathers evidence more quickly and efficiently to gather the evidence of anyone who has been driving while intoxicated. NC Police Chief Karen O’Callaghan says that the quicker the better evidence is the best evidence. On one side of the vehicle is the images of injuries that have been sustained by motorist involved in Drunk Driving accidents and the other side shows a ghastly image of an accident that made nation wide news. The image of the fatal car accident that killed limousine driver Stanley Rabinowitz and 7-year-old Katie Flynn five years ago on July 2, 2005. The driver, Martin Heidgen was driving at least two miles in the wrong direction when his pick-up crash into the limo. Now, five years later, when this story aired on Friday, July 3, 2010, NC Asst. District Attorney, Maureen McCormick, says she is still personally devastated that people still take this unnecessary and dangerous risk and for the families that have experienced these acts first hand. The message that people should get from this is that you can have fun, have a good time, and party…BUT, you have to think and plan ahead before you even think about getting behind the wheel of a car. Always think before you act and do not drink and drive.

Robert Marzano


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