Safety Seats

Last Tuesday I went out on a shoot to get shots for a story about safety car seats. Over all it was a relatively nice day which was nice because I was moving the camera and the tripod around quite a bit. The story its self was rather intersting learned a few facts during the press conference such as 9 out of 10 car seats are usually installed incorrectly and I had no idea that you had to have your car seat inspected or keep a child in them until they are 8. Despite expanding my random facts knowledge this shot i was able to practice handheld. Normally I would have just the tripod as close as I could but for this story it was hard to do that people there were many other camera people around moving in and out of shots and most of the demonstrations took place in the back seats of cars so to get the right angles or the best shots I had to get as close to or in the car as I could. Over all interesting story and a nice opportunity to work on my hand held.

Katie Checca


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