Rap the Gap -Tom Walsh

On Thursday I was assigned to go to the Mineola train station for a story Tania was covering called, Rap the Gap”. On this particular day I interacted with other cameramen and reporters, and it was a very positive experience. I was able to get a direct Audio feed from one stations camera, and the cameraman from News 12 used to report for LI News, and gave a lot of helpful advice.  The biggest issue for the day was getting enough B-roll of the trains passing by between interviews.(They only came by about every 20 minutes, and we had only 90 Minutes to complete all of the footage). Another learning experience I had was transporting the camera fast enough between two different locations, so that I did not miss any footage. I found that bystanders were very helpful and were always holding doors, and were very friendly overall. The Rap song about the Gap on the Long Island Railroad made the story very fun, and created a very open atmosphere making everyone very open to interviews


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