News is constantly happening and one of the greatest challenges for reporters is trying to keep up with the flow of information. Professional news gatherers usually have just a few hours to figure out an angle for their story, shoot the interviews, write the script and produce the actual piece for the broadcast. Ask almost any news professional, and they will tell you learning how to manage one’s time effectively in order to make deadline does not “happen overnight.” Being a student intern at LI News Tonight has helped me “get up to speed” and reduce the amount of time it takes me to produce a story. When I first started at LI News Tonight last year it took me almost 8 hours to produce a ninety second news package and last week I completed my story (NYIT Solar Water  in 4 hours. The new challenge is to polish the details of my packages without slowing down the pace. We’ll see….

-John Prentice

LI News Tonight


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