Last week we went over the syllabus and became familiar with what this course will entail. Tonight, the second class of the semester, was the first night of class where we picked up the camera and used it to shoot. In groups we shot b-roll for a made up high school classroom explosion. It was important to be creative and thinking because we were shooting it all in the studio. Also I thought it was a good idea to get a close up shot of the “Canon” on the camera, since it was a camera explosion. We also took afar-shot of the camera in full to help with the limited amount of things to shoot. We also took a shot of a bigger desk, so when talking about the teacher we would have video to relate. One thing the group could have done better with was the camera shots. It is important to frame shots properly and avoid jump cuts, we will work on it.  I think our group did a good job creating a variety of shots with the little space we had to work with.

Shayna  Halper


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